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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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Chinese and Tartars and Malays belong here, as well as the Siberian tribes, and the Finns and Lapps of Europe. The fierce Huns were of this race; and so, with more or less of intermixture, are the modern Magyars and Turks. More than this, the aborigines of America are Mongoloids—not less the civilized Peruvians and Aztecs than the Chippeways, Iroquois and other North American tribes, and the Aleuts and Eskimo of the extreme north. The Mongoloids encircle the globe. They belt it without, interruption, in the frozen latitudes ; and the Mongoloid Malays penetrate the tropics of Polynesia, while Mongoloid Americans range through all the zones. No race, save the Mediterranean, has ever had a dispersion at all comparable. Can these be cousins of the Noachites, and brethren of the Dravida? Are these the sons of Adam? The dusky Dravida could not well disown relationship, on the score of complexion, with the dusky Malay. But the Dravidian's curly hair reveals little affinity with the straight, coarse hair of the Mongoloid ; and the latter's high cheek bones and generally obliquely set eyes wedge the races apart so far that we feel a little incredulity respecting the claim that the antediluvian period of less than two thousand years could have marked them with such disparity, while the two thous-and years of our acquaintance with the two races has witnessed no sensible divergence. Could 1656 years differentiate three races, while the next 4225 years have not increased the number? Must the Mongoloids be admitted as Adamites? Since we have provisionally let in the dusky Dravida, let us also admit provisionally the dusky Mongoloids, and then ascertain what results.

The Negroes are about to cause us trouble. The Negroes have made us a great deal of trouble. The whole group of black races recedes from the white and dusky races. These tropical ebonites are now regarded as comprising four races. The three families of Noachites constitute still, after a lapse of more than four thousand years, but a single race. Compare with this fact the differentiation of black men into four properly characterized races, and we have at once a fact bearing on the antiquity of the black races. "These races are (r) Negroes, (2) Hottentots and Bushmen, (3) Papuans, (4) Australians. Besides their black skins, they all have narrow heads (dolicho-cephalous—a term which

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