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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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than in the Negro, and the nose, instead of being flat, is broad and straight, and sometimes even aquiline. In intelligence, they range from the besotted fetish-worshipers of New Guinea, to the semi-civilized Fijians.

The Australians are so named from the vast island, which, with Tasmania and small contiguous islands, is their exclusive home. Their whole body is thickly hairy. The hair of the head is matted and shaggy, but less spreading than that of the Papuans. Their language is well developed, and the use of the boomerang is another proof of their intellectual capacity. So is their system of religious beliefs and practices. But they use no metallic implements, and their boats are mere logs, which may be regarded as the initial point in the evolution of naval structures.

These four constitute the Black races. We have to consider whether they, too, are descendants of the same Adam as the White and Dusky races. Let us begin with the purely linguistic method, which refuses to invoke collateral aids according to any consistent system, for eliciting the meaning of Scriptural language. Adam is a word which signifies red. The man thus designated must have had at least some infusion of red in his complexion. We can readily discover this tint in the skin of the, white man. Before the invention of clothing, the summer sun upon the plains of central Asia must have developed in the white man's skin a very visible amount of ruddiness. It is admitted on all hands that the Adam of the Bible was the progenitor of the White race. But now, can the same term be applied to those races which I have designated " Dusky" ? The Bible gives no distinct account of the genealogy of these races showing that their progenitor was "red." It is only popular opinion which traces them, with all other men, to the white man's Adam. But as we have assumed that they may, on anthropological principles, be admitted as Adamites, so we may admit that the term "Adam" is capable of sufficient stretching to cover the dusky Mongoloids and Dravida. Is it now thought the word will bear still a farther stretch ? My private judgment forbids. I can discover some red in the complexion of the Mediterranean stock, and even in that of the Mongolian and Dravidian; but when you tell me that the Negro has


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