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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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only inferiority of intelligence, the instrument of self-helpfulness and of all civilization. I need not argue the fact ; circumspice. But when this inferiority is conceded, we always hear the appeal to " unfavorable conditions." This leads me to note, 2. The African continent has always been favorably conditioned. In the first place, it had a land connection with Asia and the seats of ancient civilization. It even had a remote civilization planted within its own borders; and the fires of Egyptian civilization have never been extinct; while for two thousand years the enlightenment of Europe has been within accessible distance. In the second place, the salubrity of the climate, the fertility of the soil, the vast hydrographic system of lakes and rivers, have all conspired to give the interior of the continent natural conditions unsurpassed by those of the site of any civilization which ever existed. Thirdly, the indigenous productions of Africa have supplied other conditions of human advancement: There exist two native cereals, Negro millet and Kaffir corn, which supply material for bread. There are the edible "bread-roots" and also "earth-nuts," which are adequate to supply the daily food of whole villages. As to fruit trees, there are the doom-palm, the oil-palm and the "butter tree." Moreover, for thousands of years the way has been open as wide as the continent for the introduction of the cereals of Asia. In fact, they have long been known to the natives; and maize, the manioc root and sugar cane, as well as wheat and barley, have spread far toward the interior. There, too, have been domesticated animals, received, probably, from the Egyptians in a domesticated state ; but no native animal has ever been domesticated. The Aryans of India employed the elephant as a beast, of burden ; but the African elephant was never utilized. These are not the conditions under which a whole race could be crushed into a process of degeneracy. 3. Comparison with other races shows the Negro's inferiority. The Egyptian civilization was reared on the African continent by the side of the barbarous Negro, and under the same conditions. If the materials of civilization were introduced from Asia, it was certainly easier for the Negro to introduce them from Egypt. America is not naturally superior in its physical conditions to Africa. lts only cereal is maize. Its principal

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