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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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to be preserved as relics. What has become of the primitive shanty in this City of Salt ? Did anybody refuse to pull it down because it was old? I venture the assertion that the spirit of the age has not even preserved it as a relic. For the old shanties of opinion, which have been a refuge for the ignorance of the past, I have a sentimental regard ; but I am not willing to continue to skulk beneath them, when I see the stars through all the roof, and find the sills eaten up by rats.

Allow me to indicate the superstructure of a modern belief, and, therefore, a belief better co-ordinated with the present conditions of human knowledge. Do not think me laying corner stones; they have been laid by Moses; they have been laid by Champollion, and Lepsius, and Sir William Jones, and the Rawlinsons, and Haug, and Max Muller, and George Smith; they have been laid by philologists and archaeologists and ethnologists; by zoologists and geologists, and by interpreters of our sacred histories. I build on such foundations, and the reader shall see if the new edifice is not fairer than the old.

It was many thousand years ago that the first being appeared which could be called a man. Whether descended from a being unworthy to be called a man, is a collateral question which rests on other foundations. We shall return to it. That first of all men did not make his advent in Asia, nor in Europe, nor in America He appeared either in Africa or in a continental land which stretched from Madagascar to the East Indies ; and which has since become reduced to a few relics of itself. His skin was probably black, and well clothed with hair. He had implanted within him the divine spark of intelligence. He listened to the voice of conscience and felt the claims of duty. If not indigenous in Africa, his descendants took possession of that continent. They spread over Australia and Borneo and the lesser islands of the sea. In the course of thousands of years, they disseminated themselves over considerable portions of Asia.

The time arrived, at length, when, under the law of progressive development, a grade had been reached nearly on a level with that of modern civilized man, in respect to native capacities. Now appeared the founder of the Adamic family. His home was in central Asia.' Seth and Cain were either his sons,

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