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Adamites and Preadamites: or, A Popular Discussion Concerning the Remote Representatives of the Human Species and their Relation to the Biblical Adam

Syracuse, N.Y.: John T. Roberts, 1878

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average of one hundred and thirty-five years. Still further, the utmost limit of ancient Egyptian life was one hundred and ten years. The average life of the eight kings of the second Chaldean dynasty was eighty-eight years. Under the first Chinese dynasty of four hundred and thrty-nine years, average life was seventy-seven years ; under the second, of six hundred and forty-four years, it was sixty-nine years. These two dynasties extended from the days of Peleg to those of Solomon. Many other facts tend to show that human life, in the most ancient times, had a duration not far from that of the Hebrew patriarchs, if we interpret the first clause of each paragraph as proposed by Mr. Craw-ford ; while the marvelous duration of human life, according to the popular interpretation, is opposed to every item of knowledge which we possess from other sources.

Applying these principles to the genealogical tables of Genesis, we obtain the following chronological data:

Adam to the flood 7,737 years

Flood to the birth of Abraham 2,763

Adam to Abraham 10,500

Birth of Abraham to Christ 2,000

Adam to Christ 12,509 Christ to the present time 1,878

Adam to the present year 14,378

It is to be hoped that Hebrew scholars will give Mr. Crawford's views a candid examination, and I will also indulge the hope that they may find his exegesis valid.


The reader will please note the following corrections:

Page 5, 13th line from bottom, after "transgression

insert :2. "Transgression" is a violation of "law";

Page 16, 10th line from bottom, for "Bieck" read "Bleek."

" " 9th " " " for "decended" read "descended."

" " 4th " " " for ""archipelcgo" read "archipelago."

" 18, 7th " " " for "and" read "and."

" 21, 17th " " top for " Botecuda" read " Botecudo."

" 22, 3d " " " for " Sidians" read " Sidonians."

" 24, 20th " " " for "suture" read "sutures."

" 38, 12th " " " for "has" read "have."

" " 14th " " " for "600" read "900."

" 40, 18th " " bottom,for "glaciations" read "glaciation."

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