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The Hollow Globe; or , The World's Agitator and Reconciler: A Treatise on the Physical Conformation of the Earth, Presented through the Organism of M.L. Sherman, M.D., and Written by Wm. F. Lyon

Chicago: Sherman and Lyon, 1875

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through a seeming vacuum; thus increasing the agitation and consequent friction, and when we consider that the great majority of the Electro-Magnetic currents that surround the globe, have converged to this central focus within the polar circle, we may well suppose that the effects produced are very terrible, and the frictionizing and heating processes quite sufficient to change and materially modify the temperature of the entire Polar Sea.

We present these two causes, entirely local in their character, as explanatory of the great secret of a warmer clime in the extreme North, which must exist independent of those general laws that seem to produce changes and conditions of temperature between the icy belts that have thus far guarded the polar circles, and kept the most enterprising navigators at a distance that has precluded any very minute observations. We notice here the obvious fact, that this earth is a huge mechanical, self-moving machine, and like all other machines, it requires motive-power, which philosophers in all their researches into its physical structure have never been able to supply. No scientific mind has been qualified, to inform us where the power originated, that rolls this earth upon its axis once in twenty-four hours ; notwithstanding they are compelled to admit that an. immense power must be generated in some manner, in order to produce these revolutions, and that forces of some character must be applied, or else no movement or activities could be effected. The mind endowed with but limited mechanical ability, will discover at once, that the great positive and negative forces, or the fluid elements of Electromagnetism in their passage spirally through a spherical shell at both its axial poles, must be product-

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