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The Hollow Globe; or , The World's Agitator and Reconciler: A Treatise on the Physical Conformation of the Earth, Presented through the Organism of M.L. Sherman, M.D., and Written by Wm. F. Lyon

Chicago: Sherman and Lyon, 1875

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The contestants who have heretofore engaged in the long existing warfare between old theology and modern science have been very anxious to decide whether an infinite God, entirely outside the domain of nature, who was self-existent and supernatural, with self-constituted infinite powers, had spoken all things into existence from nothing, and- had taken the supervision and management of all things in some supernatural manner, or whether unchangeable law has ultimate in the production of all visible objects, and in the control of those objects after they are so produced and brought into existence. Both parties have equally ignored the idea that finite spirit intelligences could have anything to do in the production or the management of either inorganic or animated nature, or that they could possibly exert their powers and faculties to advantage in any constructive, department of the universe.

Theology inaugurated a general fight with science, until it was found that science carried too many guns, and that her batteries could by no means be silenced, as her armament was constantly being strengthened by new and valuable discoveries. A portion of the belligerents seemed to enter into a kind of involuntary truce, resulting in a tacit stipulation, that theology should retire to its own domain in the supernatural, where they suppose dwells revelation, spirituality, doctrines, devotions, moral virtues, and all that does not exist in the natural realms. While science might revel in the material to his heart's content, and extend his surveys into the vast expanse of nature, as long as he did not infringe upon the province of the spiritual or the supernatural; and thus the matter seems to stand with the parties at

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