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The Hollow Globe; or , The World's Agitator and Reconciler: A Treatise on the Physical Conformation of the Earth, Presented through the Organism of M.L. Sherman, M.D., and Written by Wm. F. Lyon

Chicago: Sherman and Lyon, 1875

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The central idea contained in the following work and the one that most of these chapters are designed to substantiate is, that this globe is constructed in the form of a hollow sphere, with a shell some thirty to forty miles in thickness, and that the interior surface which is a beautiful world in a more highly developed condition than the exterior, is accessible by a circuitous and spirally formed aperture that may be found in the unexplored open Polar Sea,--and this- opening affords easy navigation, by a broad and deep channel leading from one surface to the other, and that the largest ships-or steamers may sail or steam either way, with as much facility as they can pass through any other winding; or somewhat crooked channel. And we have endeavored to show as clearly as possible, that the physical formation of the globe is such as to be perfectly compatible with an outer and inner world, or two worlds instead- of one, and it ' might be proper to present a brief sketch of the leading circumstances that have induced the production of this book and its presentation to the public.

About the middle of September, 1868, the writer of

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