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The Hollow Globe; or , The World's Agitator and Reconciler: A Treatise on the Physical Conformation of the Earth, Presented through the Organism of M.L. Sherman, M.D., and Written by Wm. F. Lyon

Chicago: Sherman and Lyon, 1875

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to some extent with his teachings. But in process of time he seemed to become so extremely radical, and announced in public, ideas so much in advance of his time, and he was withal constitutionally so firm, and somewhat harsh and severe in his language, that, as he says, his speech was confounded, or he was unable -to give utterance to his thoughts in public, and of -course he ceased lecturing. But there seemed to be another field opened before him, and like Paul and Swedenborg and many other seers, he was called upon to make his personal survey of some portion of the spirit realms, and at several different times, has been thrown into a semi-trance condition becoming partially unconscious of his earthly surroundings,and permitted to pass through the most vivid experiences that he was capable of appreciating in the spiritual spheres. These different sea-sons of trance, in which he partook of no earthly food or drink except a little vinegar, were from three to twelve days each, making over forty days in all, and for four days of this time he was to all appearance dead, so much so that a prominent physician of the town pronounced him dead to all in-tents with the remar that they might use his head for a foot-ball if he ever breathed again upon the earth, and it required the utmost exertion of the friend at whose house he lay, who was a man of some influence, to keep the authorities from consigning him to a premature grave, thus adding another to the numerous human sacrifices that have been made in this manner by people ignorant of some of nature's laws.

Yet, notwithstanding all the learned Doctor's opinions and assertions, he did breathe again, and after lying twelve days in this comatose, apparently lifeless con-

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