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The Hollow Globe; or , The World's Agitator and Reconciler: A Treatise on the Physical Conformation of the Earth, Presented through the Organism of M.L. Sherman, M.D., and Written by Wm. F. Lyon

Chicago: Sherman and Lyon, 1875

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some of our modern implements of warfare, they might have planted their mortars and Parrot guns, and bombarded, and battered down the walls of ancient Troy in a single week, taken the fair Helen, and returned to Greece, with victory perched upon their banners, by the next steamer, instead of remaining there for ten long years, and wasting so much time in hand to hand en-counters, and the whole history could have been given in the daily papers the next morning after the steamer arrived. But then a great amount of fine poetry, would have subsided into a small matter of fact, so we see the whole history was admirably adapted to the age that gave it birth, and the minds of our youth are charmed and developed to a certain extent, by a perusal of the exhilerating poetic lines of the famous Grecian bard, all about a contest that would have been decided at the present period, in a few days or weeks at most.

And we find that the religious history of the different ages is marked with the same great disparity, for certainly no one can deny, but it gradually changed its forms, among the different people of the earth, as they have advanced in experience and knowledge, till at the present day, we may behold numerous religious organizations so widely different from each other, and so extremely at variance with those of a past age, that we can scarcely recognize the fact that their views and devotional exercises, are prompted by the same elements as those which existed in the natural and spiritual organ-isms of their ancestors. Nevertheless, we are compelled to acknowledge that such is the case, and we must admit that the same peculiar powers and faculties of mind

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