Accomplishments & Challenges

The celebration of individual accomplishment, be it on the political, cultural, or social stage, is an integral part of Greek American life. Newspapers such as the Hellenic Journal, the Hellenic Times, or the magazine Greek American Review are full of stories honoring such famous and successful Greek Americans as Baltimore Orioles owner, Peter Angelos, Senators Paul Sarbanes and Olympia Snow, and television actresses Melina Kanakaredes and Paula Korologos Cale.

In addition, however, there are countless lesser known or even unsung heroes who have met challenges and contributed to their Greek American communities. Through their volunteer efforts, groups of women have raised money to build churches and community centers, establish Greek schools for children and develop retirement homes for Greek American elderly. Individuals have devoted countless hours in order to establish museums and libraries for the benefit of their communities. Still others, through coordinated community efforts, annually plan and put on huge Greek American festivals complete with mountains of Greek food, folk-dancing, and the celebration of ethnic ties.

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