This is the caption from the Daily News , May 9, 1970:

“Long-haired youth is on the receiving end of the workers' anger.”

What happened ? Who Participated...?

...According to the photograph?

...According to the newspaper caption ?

...According to these scholars:

“...wrench-wielding, helmeted construction workers set upon the long-haired protesters while the police looked on.” -William Leuchtenberg, A Troubled Feast (1983)

“It was a terrifying event-not only to the student protesters but to the normal denizens of Wall Street. One of the injured was a young Wall Street lawyer, who, one may safely assume, was unprovocatively attired in short hair and a business suit.” -Barbara Ehrenreich, Fear of Falling (1989)

...According to construction worker Joe Kelly:

“I will say this: there was as many of these antiwar demonstrators whacked by Wall Street and Broadway office workers as there were by construction workers. The feeling seemed to be that the white-collar-and-tie man, he was actually getting in there and taking as much play on this thing as the construction worker was. This was something. Listen. I'm 31 years old. I'd never witnessed anything like this in my life before and it kinda caught me in awe, that you had to stop and see what was going on around you. It was almost unbelievable. This was the financial district of New York City, probably the financial district of the world, and here was this mass clash of opposite factions, right on Wall Street and Broad, and you could hardly move, there were so many taking part in this and blink your eyes and actually look a second and third time, and you couldn't believe that this was actually taking place in that particular area.” -Joe Kelly quoted in New York Times Magazine (1970)

Who do you see ?

Who gets talked about?


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