This photo ran in the New York Times on May 12, documenting a demonstration by approximately 2,000 construction workers and others supporting American war policy in Vietnam and attacking New York City mayor John Lindsay. This demonstration was for the most part peaceful, largely because the more than 1,000 police on the scene were more numerous and more active than they had been on May 8.


What do you think these demonstrators meant by "the establishment"?

Do the following excerpts from the May 12, 1970 Wall Street Journal change that definition of "the establishment"?

Several thousand construction workers marched through the financial district here yesterday in support of Administration Vietnam policies, but an expected confrontation with antiwar demonstrators failed to materialize. The reason: Student protesters weren't on the scene.

The workers, however, were greeted by hundreds of police, who put up barricades early in the day in anticipation of a renewal of the violence that swept Wall Street last Friday.

A huge lunchtime crowd lined the streets behind the police barricades, cheering the workmen as if they were a conquering army...

Meanwhile, the mayor's office tried to persuade business school students planning a peace rally in Wall Street at noon today to change the site of their demonstration or postpone it until later in the week.

Richard Bosse, a Columbia Business School student coordinating the planned rally, said that a Lindsay aide, Barry Gottehrer, called him twice and indicated that police wouldn't be able to provide adequate protection. About 500 students from business schools at Harvard, Columbia, MIT, Dartmouth, New York University and the University of Pennsylvania are expected to participate.

A spokesman for City Hall said that if the rally goes ahead as planned, "there's a very real possibility of a major confrontation." Said Mr. Bosse: "We're a nonradical group planning to come down in three-piece suits to stage a peaceful forum, and if we can't be protected, things have come to a very bad state."

Last night, organizers of the demonstration reached an agreement with the city to move the location from the steps of the Treasury building to the area directly in front of the New York Stock Exchange so that police could more easily guard the protest.