Source Analysis

Bill of Rights


Scholar Analysis

Listen to Professor Whitman Ridgway discuss the Bill of Rights. A Professor in the History Department at the University of Maryland, College Park, Ridgway’s work focuses American legal history, including his current research on the Alien and Sedition Act crisis in the 1790s.

Classroom Practice & Teacher Analysis

portrait of Christine ValentiListen to U.S. history teacher Christine Valenti discuss her lesson on the Bill of Rights and watch how her students learn about the Bill of Rights in its own time and today.

Lesson Plan

“Getting to Know the Bill of Rights”
The purpose of this extended lesson is to familiarize students with the Bill of Rights as a primary resource, in addition to several pivotal US Supreme Court cases.

Read the Bill of Rights

Download an image and transcript of the Bill of Rights.


Access transcripts of the scholar analysis and teacher analysis videos.


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