Source Analysis

FDR Fireside Chat


Scholar Analysis

Dr. Allida Black discusses FDR’s April 28, 1935, Fireside Chat focused primarily on the Works Relief Program. Black is Research Professor of History and International Affairs at The George Washington University and Project Director and Editor of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers.

Classroom Practice & Teacher Analysis

Portrait of Joe JelenWatch Montgomery County Public Schools teacher Joseph Jelen’s U.S. history students learn about Massive Resistance through the Massive Resistance cartoons and listen to Jelen discuss his approach to creating the lesson and the process he took to craft it.

Lesson Plan

“FDR’s Fireside Chat”
Using this lesson, students will understand the economic crisis FDR had to combat, FDR’s goals as President, and some of the programs of the New Deal.

Get the Speech

Download a transcript of the Fireside Chat, “On the Works Relief Program,” and access a video version.


Access transcripts of the scholar analysis and teacher analysis videos.


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