Guide to Local, 1930s-related Public Art

The following list of Washington, DC-area public art is derived from Barbara Melosh's Engendering Culture: Manhood and Womanhood in New Deal Public Art and Theater (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991).

*Please be advised* that this site is in its preliminary stages. Accordingly, all infomation has not yet been confirmed and/or edited.

Department of Health and Human Services
(formerly Social Security)

Barthe, Richard
"American Eagle," 1940, S
Davis, Emma Lou
"Family Group" and "Unemployment Compensation," 1941, exterior reliefs
Farr, Dorothy and Fred
"Sports Related to Food," 1942, o/c (stored in National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian)
Fogel, Seymour
"Industrial Life" and "Security of the People" 1942, M
Goodrich, Gertrude
activities of four parts of the country, around four walls of the cafeteria, 1942, o/c (stored in National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian)
Guston, Philip
"Reconstruction and Well-Being of the Family," 1942, stage curtain in auditorium
Kittredge, Robert
"Railroad Employment" and "Railroad Retirement," 1941, exterior reliefs
Kreis, Henry
"The Growth of Social Security" and "The Benefits of Social Security," 1941, exterior reliefs
Magafan, Jeanne and Ethel
"Mountains in Snow," 1949, M
Shahn, Ben
"The Meaning of Social Security," west wall, "Work, the Family, and Social Security," east wall, "Child Labor, Unemployment, and Old Age," 1942, fresco

Department of Interior

Auchiah, James
"Dance Festival," 1939, M
Beal, Gifford
"Conservation of the National Parks," 1941, M
Bouche, Louis
"Conservation--Western Lands," 1938, o/c (in storage)
Britton, Edgar
"Production and Refining" and "Distribution and Use," 1939, M
Cikovsky, Nicolai
"Desert," "Irrigation," "Gathering Dates," and "Apples," 1938, M
Crumbo, Woodrow
"Deer, Peyote Bird, and Symbols," "Stealing Horses," "Flute Player," "Courting," and Buffalo Hunt," 1940, M
Curry, John Steuart
"Rush for the Oklahoma Land--1889" and "The Homesteading," 1939, M
Dixon, Maynard
"Bureau of Indian Affairs," 1939, M
Fiene, Ernest
"Placer Mining," "Fighting Forest Fire," and "Winter Round-Up," 1938, M
Gilbertson, Boris
"American Moose" and "American Bison," 1940, S
Glickman, Maurice
"Negro Mother and Child," 1935, bronze, PWAP and Section
Gropper, William
"Construction of the Dam," 1939, M
Herrera, Velino
Indian themes, nine panels, 1939, M
Houser, Allan C.
"Singing Love Songs," "Apache Round Dance," and "Jaered Fire Dance," 1940, M
Houser, Allan C. and Gerald Nailor
"Buffalo Hunt," "Breaking Camp at Wartime," and "Deer Stalking," 1938, o/c
Jamieson, Mitchell
"An Incident in Contemporary American Life," 1942, tempera
McCosh, David
"National Parks," 1940, M, two panels
Mopope, Stephen
"Indian Theme," 1939, M
Nailor, Gerald
"Hunting Ground," "Preparing Yarn for Weaving," and "Initiation Ceremony," 1940, M
Newell, James Michael
"Alaska" and "Insular Possessions," 1939, M
Poor, Henry Varnum
"Conservation of Wild Life," 1939, fresco
Sheets, Millard
"The Negro's Contribution in the Social and Cultural Development of America" 1943, M, four panels
Slobodkin, Louis
"Abe Lincoln," 1940, S
Stackpole, Ralph
"Powell Exploring the Grand Canyon," 1940, S
Warneke, Heinz
"Lewis and Clark," 1939, S
Department of Justice

Ballator, John
"Contemporary Justice and Man," 1937, tempera
Biddle, George
"Sweatshop" "Tenement" and "Society Freed through Justice," 1936, fresco
Bisttram, Emil
"Contemporary Justice and Woman," 1939, o/c
Bouche, Louis
"Activities of the Department of Justice," 1937, o/c
Curry, John Steuart
"Movement of the Population Westward" and "Law Versus Mob Rule," 1937, o/c
Kroll, Leon
"The Triumph of Justice" and "The Defeat of Justice," 1937, o/c
Poor, Henry Varnum
"Justice Department Bureaus and Divisions," 1936, fresco
Robinson, Boardman
"Great Evens and Figures of the Law," 1938, tempera
Shimin, Symeon
"Contemporary Justice and the Child," 1940, tempera
Sterne, Maurice
"Man's Struggle for Justice," 1941, o/board, twenty panels
Customs and Immigration
(formerly Deparment of Labor)

Henry, Charles Trumbo
"Construction, Power, and Transportion," 1938, o/c
Federal Trade Commission
(formerly Apex)

Gross, Chaim
"Construction," 1938, limestone relief
Lantz, Michael
"Man Controlling Trade," 1942, limestone (two colossal groups)
Laurent, Robert
"Shipping," 1938, limestone relief
McVey, William
aluminum grilles illustrating the progress of maritime facilities, 1937
Scaravaglione, Concetta
"Agriculture," 1938, limestone relief
Schmitz, Carl L.
"Foreign Trade," 1938, limestone relief
Waugh, Sidney
"American Eagles," 1938, limestone relief
Government Printing Office (Annex)

Means, Elliot
"Men Stacking Paper Stock" and "Printing Press Activities," 1937, S
Scheler, Armin A.
Government Printing Office Seal, laurel, and eagle, over main entrance, 1937, concrete reliefs
Home Owners Loan Corporation

Stewart, Albert
"The Building Trades," seven reliefs, and "Activities of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board," 1936, S
National Zoological Park

Fulda, Elizabeth
decorative plates for bird cages, 1937
Knight, Charles R.
"Pre-Historic Animals," 1937, S
Mortellito, Domenico
"Noah's Ark," 1940, and habitat backgrounds in cages in Bird and Pachyderm Houses, 1937, M. carved linoleum
Springweiler, Erwin
anteater, 1937, S
Warneke, Heinz
"Tumbling Bears," 1938, S
Federal Building
(formerly Post Office Department Building)

Brook, Alexander
"Writing the Family Letter" and "Reading the Family Letter," 1939, o/c
Calder, A. Stirling
"Post Rider Continental--1775-1789," 1936, aluminum
Cecere, Gaetano
"Rural Free Delivery," 1936, aluminum
Crimi, Alfred D.
"Post Office Work Room" and "Transportation of the Mail," 1937, fresco
Derujinsky, Gleb
"Portraits of Eight Former Postmaster Generals," 1937, carved wood medallions
Free, Karl
"Arrival of Mail in New Amsterdam," 1938, o/c
Gross, Chaim
"Alaska Snowshoe Carrier," 1936, aluminum
Harding, George
"Franklin Signing Post Receipt Book" and "Dispatch Riders in Revolutionary War," 1938, tempera
Kent, Rockwell
"Delivery of Mail in the Artic Zone" and "Delivery of Mail in the Tropics," 1937, M
Kirishjian, Vahe
"The Four Seasons," 1940, o/c, and "The Signs of the Zodiac," 1940, o/plaster
Lea, Tom
"The Nesters," 1937, M (destroyed)
Lee, Arthur
"Pony Express, 1850-1858," 1937, aluminum
Lee, Doris
"Country Post" and "General Store and Post Office," 1938, M
Lockwood, Ward
"Opening of the West" and "Settling of the West," 1937, fresco
Maldarelli, Oronzio
"Air Mail," 1936, aluminum
Manship, Paul
"Samuel Osgood, First Postmaster General," 1937, marble
Margoulies, Berta
"Postman, 1691-1775," 1936, aluminum
Marsh, Reginald
"Assorting the Mail" and "Transportation of the Mail from Ocean Liner to Tug Boat," 1936, fresco
Mechau, Frank
"Dangers of the Mail" and "Pony Express," 1937, M
Palmer, William C.
"Stage Coach Attacked by Bandits" and "Covered Wagon Attacked by Indians," 1937, tempera
Piccirilli, Attilio
"Present Day Postman," 1937, aluminum
Savage, Eugene
"Carriers of News and Knowledge..." and "Messenger of Sympathy and Love..." 1937, M
Scaravaglione, Concetta
"Railway Mail--1862," 1936, aluminum
Schmitz, Carl L.
"City Delivery Carrier," 1936, aluminum
Slobodkin, Louis
"Tropical Postman," 1936, aluminum
Warneke, Heinz
"Express Man," 1936, aluminum
Waugh, Sidney
"Stage Driver, 1789-1836," 1936, aluminum
Zorach, William
"Benjamin Franklin, The First Colonial Postmaster," 1937, marble
Recorder of Deeds

Hansen, James L.
"Young Lincoln," 1941, S
Levit, Herschel
"Crispus Attucks," 1943, M
Lopez, Carlos
"The Death of Colonel Shaw at Fort Wagner," 1943, M
Magafan, Ethel
"The Battle of New Orleans," 1943, M
Mecklem, Austin
"Matthew Henson Planting the American Flag at the North Pole," 1943, M
Schweig, Martyl
"Cyrus Tiffany in the Battle of Lake Erie," 1943, M
Scott, William Edouard
"Frederick Douglass Appeals to President Lincoln," 1943, M
Seelbinder, Maxine
"Benjamin Banneker," 1943, M
National Capital Region Office Building, General Services Administration
(formerly Procurement Division Building)

Weston, Harold
various stages in construction of Treasury buildings and Procurement Division activities, twenty-two panels, 1936-38, o/c, TRAP
State Department Building
(formerly War Department)

Kreis, Henry
eagle over entrance and "Soldier Groups," ca. 1942, S
McLeary, Kindred
"Defense of the Four Freedoms," 1941, lime casein on plaster
Marco, Jean de
"Peaceful Pursuit of American Life," 1942, paster (in storage)
Thorp, Earl N.
"War" and "Peace," 1941, S