RRCHNM20 Site Live

We’re pleased to announce that the RRCHNM20 site is now live. This site is a collection of material about projects created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University in the first twenty years of its existence, 1994–2014.

This material has been gathered and made public to mark the Center’s anniversary, and to provide resources for the first day of the RRCHNM 20th Anniversary Conference (#rrchnm20), on November 14, 2014, which is devoted to hands-on work with Center projects—past and present.

Our aim in sharing this material is to provide insight on the process of creating digital history, and to highlight the roles of a range of staff and collaborators, across twenty years of changing structures, practices, concerns, hardware, and software.

RRCHNM20siteThe collection encompasses more than 60 of the 149 projects undertaken by the Center, as of November 2014. Not included are twelve current projects, as well as small contract and web design projects. Most of the documents are grant proposals and reports. We have removed the detailed budgets from these proposals, as well as letters of support and CVs; they are otherwise complete. The site also includes information on most of the just over 150 people who worked at the Center during its first twenty years.

The site is open to contributions of material from staff and collaborators, as well as from users and audiences of the Center’s projects. We’d love you to share images of the Center’s staff and locations, and experiences using Center projects or collaborating with Center staff.

At the end of this week, we’ll open a Google Doc for participants in day one of the 20th anniversary conference to propose sessions working with RRCHNM’s projects, past and present. We look forward to seeing the ways that the conference participants and the larger community make use of this material.

The site was created by Digital History Fellows Jannelle Legg, Anne McDivitt, and Amanda Regan, with guidance from Sheila Brennan. Additional content was added by Jannelle Legg, Debra Kathman and Lara Harmon.

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