Staff Blogs


Sheila Brennan

Looks at the online museum world and history resources, with detours into discussions about life in Texas and dissertation work.

Jeremy Boggs

Thoughts on how historians can use the electronic form as a tool for academic and educational expression.

Dan Cohen

Covers the digital humanities, the world of Google and search technologies, and programming and software for academics.

Josh Greenberg

Thoughts on new web technologies, science and technology studies, and related topics.

Mills Kelly

A blog devoted to the teaching and learning of history online.

Sharon Leon

Postings on history, religion, science and occasional cultural topics.

Tom Scheinfeldt

Found History, chronicling the myriad ways and places non-professionals do history—sometimes without even knowing it.

Ammon Shepherd

A nascent look at history through technology's eyes. Focusing, probably, on the history of computer related things, the history of paradigm shifts (mostly in the technical and scientific realm), and anything else of historical interest.


News from the Zotero team on the next-generation research tool.

Mozilla Memory Bank

Documenting and publicizing the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank's collection of materials related to the history of Firefox, Thunderbird, and the entire Mozilla community. Listen to the weekly podcast, with highlights from oral history interviews of Mozillans as part of the Center for HIstory and New Media's Digital Memory Bank.