Teach the Civil War?

The story of the Civil War can be told through many different perspectives. Understanding the political, social, geographic, and economic complexities of the war requires a discussion centered on primary sources that reveal true stories and sentiments of the people who lived in this time.

This FREE Civil Poster illustrates how to do just that. Instead of reading history as a series of facts, this poster explores the Civil War as a series of questions and encourages students to make an argument about the past. For example, photographs reveal what life was like for children during the war and an old haversack may suggest how soldiers lived and traveled.

The interactive version of this poster is an excellent starting point to find and use historical evidence that help students uncover each facet of the Civil War. These sources explore everything from the experience of soldiers, women, children, and slaves during the war, to the wide range of opinions expressed in letters and diaries that contributed to the division of families, enemies in friends, and a union dissolved.

Click here to read more about the poster in the Teachinghistory.org blog. You may also request your own free copy to use in your classroom.

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