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BBC Audio Interviews
British Broadcasting Company

This archive presents more than 150 audio interviews from decades of BBC radio broadcasting. Most interviewees are European and American, but a sizable number of notables from around the world are represented. The interviews are divided into 19 categories based on the occupation of the person... [more]

Breaking the Silence
Irish Center for Migration Studies

In the 1950s, Ireland experienced a period of heavy emigration�the heaviest in the twentieth century. This oral history project has collected seventy-eight oral and twelve written life histories from Irish men and women whose stories focus on their decision to emigrate or to stay in Ireland. The... [more]

British Voices from South Asia
T. Harry Williams Oral History Center, Louisiana State University

This site is dedicated to exploring the larger impact of the colonial period through examining life in the Indian Empire, a central focus of British colonialism. This examination is based on interviews with 50 British people who lived and worked in India before Independence in 1947--civil servants,... [more]

Canadian Letters and Images Project
Malaspina University, History Department

The personal side of warfare is often ignored in discussions of military conflict, but this online archive seeks to rectify that omission by presenting thousands of documents surrounding individual Canadian soldiers' experiences. The collection is divided chronologically: pre-1914, World War I,... [more]

Chinese Text Initiative
University of Virginia Library

The Chinese Text Initiative presents a collection of classical Chinese texts, primarily from the Tang period (618-907) and earlier. Currently, only six texts are available, four of which are accompanied by partial or complete English translations. The first is 300 Tang Poems (Tang shi... [more]

Excerpts from Slave Narratives
Steven Mintz, University of Houston

Unadorned and easy to navigate, this comprehensive website based at the University of Houston contains 46 first-person accounts of slavery and African life dating from 1682 to 1937. The majority of these statements were written in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although there is no general essay... [more]

Galileo Project
Professor Albert Van Helden, Rice University

Between 1623 and 1634, Galileo Galilei's daughter, Sister Maria Celeste (born Virginia in 1600), wrote him more than 120 letters. In 1999, Deva Sobel translated these letters into English as the basis for her book, Galileo's Daughter. This site, part of the larger [more]

Japanese Text Initiative
University of Virginia, Electronic Text Center, and University of Pittsburgh, East Asia Library

This easy-to-use site presents more than 50 pre-20th-century classical Japanese texts. The texts range from poems to plays to fictional accounts and are presented in chronological order under the button "Online Texts." Of particular interest are selections from two Japanese poetry anthologies, the... [more]

Liberian Letters
University of Virginia, Electronic Text Center

After ex-slave Samson Ceasar and the slaves of Virginia landowner James Hunter Terrell were resettled in Liberia in the mid-19th century, they corresponded with those left behind on their former estates. This site has digitized collections of these letters, both scans of the original page images... [more]

Puerto Rico at the Dawn of the Modern Age
Library of Congress, American Memory

Created at the centennial of the Spanish-American War (1898), this site traces the early history of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico through first-person accounts, political writings, and histories. The collection consists of 39 Spanish-language political pamphlets, 13 monographs, and one journal... [more]

The Jesuit Relations
National Library of Canada

Soon after the fur trade was established in New France in the early 1600s, French Jesuit missionaries followed. Beginning in 1632 and continuing through most of the 17th century, the missionaries produced several volumes, roughly 1,800 pages, of accounts. These accounts, or relations, among... [more]

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