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Institutional Affiliation University of Hawaii

American Journeys
Wisconsin Historical Society

This site presents 180 texts by explorers of North America for a total of more than 18,000 searchable pages. The collection ranges widely in scope and date, including works by early Viking explorers in Canada through journals of 19th-century American explorers. Though the focus of the site is on... [more]

Reed College

European and American travelers to Taiwan in the 19th century left behind woodcuts, maps, images, and travelogues about the people and land they called "Formosa." This site has gathered 75 19th-century maps, more than 100 images, 35 travelogues, and a small sample of linguistic data on aboriginal... [more]

George Percival Scriven: An American in Bohol, The Philippines, 1899-1901
Digital Scriptorium, Duke University

George Percival Scriven, born in Philadelphia in 1854 and later a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, was sent to Bohol Island in the Philippines as chief signal commander with the 4th Philippine Expedition in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. He kept several journals and a scrapbook until... [more]

Gertrude Bell Project
Tyne Library, University of Newcastle

Gertrude Bell, born in England in 1868 and educated at Oxford, spent much of her life traveling and recording her travels through photographs, diaries, and letters. She made two around-the-world voyages, hiked the Alps, and after 1900, spent much of her time traveling through the Arab world. The... [more]

Gottinger Digital Library
Digital Library at the Lower Saxony State and University Library, Gottingen

Since its opening in 1734, the Göttingen Library in Germany has been dedicated to collecting travel literature, especially relating to the exploration of early North America. Clicking on "Itineraria/Travel Literature" on the home page takes you to an alphabetical listing of more than 300 digitized... [more]

Papers of Sir Joseph Banks
The State Library of New South Wales

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820), a wealthy Englishman, became a staunch advocate of British settlement in Australia after election to the British Royal Society of Antiquities and accompanying James Cook on his first trip to the South Seas on the Endeavour in 1768. Banks maintained contact with... [more]

The Endeavour Project: Journals of James Cook's First Pacific Voyage
Australian National University

In August 1768, James Cook and Joseph Banks set out from Deptford Yards, Britain, on Cook's First Pacific Voyage. In April 1769, they reached Tahiti. This site is devoted to the journals that Cook and Banks kept during their explorations of the island. It combines an extensive collection of their... [more]

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