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Alabama Maps

Department of Geography, University of Alabama

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This site contains more than 5,500 scanned and digitized maps divided into two indexes—historical and contemporary. The historical maps index contains several sections, about half of which are useful for students of world history. Though the most voluminous section is “Alabama,” and another section indexes 13 other southeastern states, including Texas, the Carolinas, and Florida, there are also maps of the “The World,” “The Western Hemisphere,” including North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America, and “The Eastern Hemisphere,” including Africa, Asia, and Europe. Though the bulk of the maps date from the 18th and 19th centuries, there are several from before 1700. All maps are accompanied by detailed descriptive information and enlarge and zoom, though there is no search function available. The contemporary map index is divided into 18 themes, including education, housing, politics, federal expenditures, climate, and recreation. There are more than 100 world maps of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. Created for educators and the business community, this is a valuable resource for those researching the history of both the United States and the world.

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