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Historical Maps, Perry-Castañada Library Map Collection

The University of Texas at Austin

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This site, offering more than 600 historical maps, is one of the most comprehensive collections available online. It is part of the larger Map Collection site that holds maps from the late 20th century. The historical maps collection is divided into 10 geographic regions—such as “Africa,” “The Middle East,” and “Russia and the Former Soviet Republics”—and then by country. There is also a section of eighteen world maps. The majority of the maps date from the 19th and early 20th centuries and are drawn from historical atlases, historical magazines, or from the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Most of the maps are geographic maps only, though some document trade routes and other human interventions. Others are military maps. Of particular interest to those attracted to military history, the Asia section includes a 30-map subsection on U.S. military maps from the Asia-Pacific Theater during World War II. All the maps are in color and available in JPEG format. While some images are too large to be viewed in their entirety on the computer screen, they may be downloaded to personal computers for use with image editing software. Map descriptions include source, author, year of publication, and descriptive titles. The website also contains links to other historical and current maps through Other Map Sites.

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