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The Yale Map Collection

Yale University

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This site presents more than 125 maps drawn from the collections at Yale University, including Antiquarian Maps, Historical City Maps, The Lanman Globe Collection, the Lanman Map Collection, and the Lada-Mocarski Collection. Each collection offers a unique focus; together they provide broad geographic coverage. The Antiquarian maps date from the 16th through 19th centuries and are divided into seven regions, including “World Maps” and “Cartographic Curiosities.” The date and cartographer, when known, accompany most maps, and some include further description. In the “Africa” section, for example, a 1642 map of Prester John’s mythical kingdom created by a cartographer in Amsterdam includes an explanation of the medieval legend concerning the fictional Christian kingdom in Asia and Coptic Africa. The “Cartographic Curiosities” section includes satirical and allegorical maps of subjects such as love and the paths of life, and the Lada-Morcarski Collection includes 27 maps of Russia from the 16th through the 19th centuries. All images may be saved to a personal computer and the site is easy to navigate.

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