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The University of Melbourne Library, Map Section

The University of Melbourne Library

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Most maps included in the five digital map collections that make up this site are historical maps of Australia. The first four collections contain approximately 100 maps of Australia, most from the 19th and 20th centuries, with the largest holdings being historical maps of Melbourne and Victoria. The “Other Historical Maps” database includes two maps from the 17th century: a map of the world and one of London after the fire of 1666. The fifth section, the Walker Collection, is the richest. It contains 135 digital images of maps of Asia Minor, Mediterranean countries, and the Islamic world created by Renaissance cartographers. All five of the collections may be sorted by author, title, date, and geographic area. The advantages to accessing the Walker Collection via its own site include access to thumbnails of all maps in the collection and full screen images (only half-screen images are available in the Map Image Database).

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