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This private collection of real estate developer David Rumsey contains close to 16,000 map images. Maps are from world atlases created between the 18th and early 20th centuries and include countries from all regions of the world. Aside from South Africa, though, sub-Saharan Africa is underrepresented. Most of the maps are geographic maps, though some images are of geography books or pictures of ancient globes. The images are accessible via two formats: a standard browser designed for the general user, and another that requires Insight Java software, available for download, for more serious researchers. For even more detailed viewing, the site offers a GIS Browser with the capability to overlay current geospatial data onto a few, select historical maps—most from the United States and one of Tokyo. Maps are searchable by country, state, publication, author, date, title, event, subject, and keyword, and all images contain a zoom feature. Detailed publication information is available for each map (click on “data” and then click on the map of interest). General searches may return too many images. For example, a search for “France” yielded 111 maps, but the advanced search options allow for more specific searches.

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