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Atlas Index, USMA Map Library

Department of History, United States Military Academy at West Point
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In 1938, the United States Military Academy developed a course for its cadets called “History of the Military Art” based on atlases and maps created by the United States Defense Printing Agency. Many of the maps, however, cover wars in which the United States did not participate. This site makes the maps available to the public. The maps are divided into 17 chronological categories, ranging through the centuries from “Ancient Warfare” to the War of 1812, from the Chinese Civil War to the Vietnam War. The largest number of maps, more than 80, is found in the “World War II, European Theater” section. There are also 70 maps of the Napoleonic Wars. All maps enlarge to more than full screen and are dated. They often show detailed information on the movement of troops, battle locations, and the names of commanding officers involved in the region. Click on “Atlas Sources” at the bottom of the screen for the maps’ publishing information.

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