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Charting the Nation

The University of Edinburgh

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This ongoing project currently contains 2,208 maps, manuscripts, and texts related to the geography of Scotland from 1550 to 1740. These resources are helpful for studying the history of Scottish cartography—from Timothy Pont’s early work through General William Roy’s map that signaled a turn in Scottish mapping. They can also be used to explore architectural history, maritime history, genealogy, military history, environmental history, and archaeology. For those interested in military history, see especially the Board of Ordnance collection of military maps and architectural plans from 1690 to 1820. The collection is organized by date using thumbnail images. Each image enlarges to full screen, and users may zoom in for greater detail. Searches may be conducted through existing data fields or keywords. There is no way to search for map images only. Maps may be viewed with the Insight Browser or the more advanced Insight Java software may be downloaded. The site also contains a useful essay tracing the history of map representation in Scotland.

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