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Kyoto National Museum
Kyoto National Museum

This site presents items contained in the Kyoto National Museum. The museum, which has one of the most extensive collections of premodern (pre-1800) Japanese and Asian art in the world, has photographed the items in its collection and arranged them into an English-language catalog, thus making the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-15.

Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
Nagasaki University Library

This website displays the library's collection of more than 5,000 hand-tinted photographs dating from the second half of the 19th century. These decades were among the most tumultuous and significant in Japan's history, as they marked Japan's confrontation with Western imperialism, the overthrow of... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-13.

Chinese Propaganda Posters
Stefan Landsberger, Leiden University, The Netherlands

This site showcases hundreds of Chinese propaganda posters. Of the three major websites devoted to this topic, Stefan Langsberger's is perhaps the most comprehensive and well edited. (Three other sites that may be used in conjunction with this one are: [1] [more]

Website last visited 2002-10-14.

Marxists Internet Archive
Jorn Andersen, Brian Basgen, Chris Croome, Alphonso Pangas, David Walters and a global volunteer cooperative

The Marxists Internet Archive is one of the oldest collaborative archive projects on the Internet, beginning in 1987 as an effort to distribute Marxist information on ARAPNET and migrating to the Web in 1993. Originally the Marx-Engels Internet Archive, the project now encompasses the work of more... [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-03.

Urban Dharma, Buddhism in America
Rev. Kusala, Thich Tam-Thien

This is a Buddhist religious site hosted in Los Angeles by an American monk, Rev. Kusala, who was ordained in the Vietnamese Zen (Chan) tradition. The site is designed to introduce contemporary Buddhism to the public and to serve as an informational source. It is supported by an organization called... [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-11.

Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
Truman Presidential Museum and Library

This site, operated by the Truman Museum in Independence, Missouri, displays more than 100 documents held at the Truman Museum relating to the use of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. The site is actually only one part of the Truman Library and Museum's [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-22.

Gertrude Bell Project
Tyne Library, University of Newcastle

Gertrude Bell (1868-1926), the subject of this website, was an archaeologist, mountaineer, diplomat of the Middle East, and world traveler. Bell received a first class degree in Modern History from Oxford University at the age of 20, the first woman to do so. She traveled extensively in Europe and... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-20.

Papers of Sir Joseph Banks
The State Library of New South Wales

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was the botanist who sailed with Captain James Cook on his first voyage of exploration into the Pacific region between 1768 and 1771. Banks was one of several scientists on the voyage that began a massive expansion in European knowledge about the Pacific region. In... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-20.

Reed College

This site consists of firsthand accounts of 19th-century Taiwan from the perspective of European and American visitors. These visitors, who referred to modern-day Taiwan by the name "Formosa," produced hundreds of maps, travelogues, ethnographic accounts, and photographs, as well as artwork,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-21.

Australian Periodical Publications Project, 1840–1845
Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project

This project provides access to 69 Australian periodicals first published between 1840 and 1845 (and more titles will be added). The site provides a variety of routes of access to its material. The browse function... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-14.

Hedda Morrison Photographs of China, 1933-1946
Raymond Lum, Harvard-Yenching Library, Harvard University, USA

This site consists of some 5,000 black-and-white photographs by the German-born photographer Hedda Hammer Morrison (1908-1991) who resided in Beijing from 1933 to 1946. The site is managed by Dr. Raymond Lum, Asian Bibliographer of the Harvard College Library and Assistant Librarian of the... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-01.

Atlas Index, USMA Map Library
Department of History, United States Military Academy at West Point

This website offers a stellar digital collection of maps, focusing on important military campaigns in history. The site's database contains more than 450 maps arranged in 18 broad categories. These are organized chronologically, and include "[more]

Website last visited 2003-01-27.

The Web Museum, Paris
Nicolas Pioch

The Web Museum was created by Nicolas Pioch, an enthusiast, in 1994, and is an archive of several thousand artistic works by more than 300 artists from Europe and, to a lesser degree, the United States and Japan. Spanning the period between the 13th century (Gothic) and the present, the collection... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-01.

Japanese Text Initiative
University of Virginia, Electronic Text Center, and University of Pittsburgh, East Asia Library

This site makes available the classic texts of Japanese literature. Although a few of the texts are translated into English, most are digitized transcriptions of original Japanese texts. Consequently, the site is especially for scholars who can read Japanese literature in its original... [more]

Website last visited 2003-04-15.

The Gate of Heavenly Peace
Long Bow Group

This site was designed to accompany the Frontline (PBS) documentary "The Gate of Heavenly Peace." This critically acclaimed three-hour film is one of the most balanced treatments of the popular protests in the People's Republic of China (PRC) that culminated in a violent government crackdown on... [more]

Website last visited 2003-03-01.

Japanese Historical Maps
University of California, Berkeley, and David Rumsey, Cartography Associates

This site contains high quality digital reproductions of roughly 100 historical maps produced in Japan from the 17th century to the 20th century. The original copies of the maps are held in the East Asian Library at the University of California at Berkeley. Cartography Associates digitized the maps... [more]

Website last visited 2002-12-15.

International Dunhuang Project
International Dunhuang Project

Since the early 20th century, explorations of the Dunhuang caves and other ancient Silk Road sites have produced tens of thousands of paintings, manuscripts, printed documents, and other historical artifacts. Over the past century these artifacts have been dispersed among museums and private... [more]

Website last visited 2002-11-29.

Korean American Digital Archive
University of Southern California

This site brings together thousands of primary materials relating to the experience of Koreans in the United States between 1903 and 1965. It includes documents compiled by Korean American organizations (such as the Korean National Association and the Korean Chamber of Commerce), the personal... [more]

Website last visited 2003-04-15.

Sea of Korea Maps Digital Archive
University of Southern California, East Asia Library

This site is an online collection of 172 European maps of Asia made from the 17th to the 19th century. The East Asian Library at USC holds the original copies of the maps. The site is very easy to use, with a list of all maps in chronological order. Maps may be searched by keyword as well. Each... [more]

Website last visited 2003-03-27.

Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
Professors John and Susan Huntington, Ohio State University

This project began in 1986 when the Huntingtons decided to expand their Asian art history database to archive Pan-Asian visual resources. Currently the collection has more than 300,000 images from India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-15.

Ling Long Women's Magazine, Shanghai, 1931-1937
Columbia University Libraries

This site offers the nearly complete run (228 of 298 issues) of Ling long, a weekly Chinese women's magazine published in Shanghai from 1931 to 1937. Scholars and students of Chinese social and cultural history will benefit greatly from the preservation of, and easy access to, such a... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-15.

Chinese Text Initiative
University of Virginia Library

The Chinese Text Initiative (CTI) is an ongoing effort to make texts of the classical Chinese literary canon widely available. CTI is actually a collection of sites, each centered upon a specific text—most of which are from the Tang period (618-907) and earlier. At present, only six texts are... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-15.

Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Urban Space in Time
Institute of East Asian Studies, Center for Chinese Studies, and Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative

These 3,000 photographic images, 230 maps, and 10 texts, focus on Shanghai during the pre-1949 period, bringing a wealth of visual material previously scattered among various institutions to students, teachers, and scholars. Project Directors Christian Henriot (Lyon University) and Wen-hsin Yeh (UC... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-15.

Taiwan Documents Project
Taiwan Documents Project

This website is intended to provide primary material about the dispute over Taiwan. Links on the left-hand side of the home page make navigation fairly easy. These links include: "Documents"; "Related Topics"; "Papers"; and "Maps." A search engine allows full-text searches of the entire site. By... [more]

Website last visited 2003-08-04.

Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library
Professor David Germano, University of Virginia

This well organized and easy to navigate site contains materials related to the environment, culture, and history of Tibet and the Himalayas. Users willing to delve deeply into the various sections are rewarded with a vast amount of primary materials in the form of texts, videos, images, and maps.... [more]

Website last visited 2007-08-18.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Paul Halsall, University of North Florida and Fordham University

Last revised in 2002, this site was designed to provide classroom teachers with an extensive, well-organized collection of ancient Mediterranean literary texts and, to a lesser extent, art and archaeological sources. This extensive site includes numerous categories, such as "Legal Texts," as well... [more]

Website last visited 2003-09-09.

Morning Sun
Long Bow Group

This site was originally designed to accompany a two-hour documentary on China's Cultural Revolution (ca. 1964-1976) entitled Morning Sun (Fall 2003). Morning Sun, "is not a comprehensive or chronological history of the Cultural Revolution." The filmmakers set out to produce a... [more]

Website last visited 2003-09-03.

Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial, Canberra

This website provides extensive information about the history of Australia at war, through primary and secondary material, as well as information about the memorial itself. Major conflicts covered by this site range from the Anglo-Maori Wars in New Zealand (1860�1866) to the 2003 Iraq War. There... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-15.

Art of Asia
Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA)

This site, an integrated, interactive media program, introduces users to the various arts of Asia. The site focuses on MIA's extensive collections of Asian art, focusing on Chinese and Japanese art. Navigation is straightforward and begins on the main page where one can find links to three... [more]

Website last visited 2004-04-22.

Nanking Atrocities
Masato Kajimoto, University of Missouri-Columbia

This site provides a valuable introduction to the issues surrounding Japan’s assault on the Chinese city of Nanking in 1937, an event that has become well known to Western audiences in recent years as “The Rape of Nanking” or “The Nanking Massacre.”

The site is well organized and easy... [more]

Website last visited 2005-06-14.

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