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National Library of Australia

This site allows users to search through the digitized image collections of 43 participating agencies. All of the cultural agencies involved, bar the National Library of New Zealand, are Australian institutions. They range in size and scope from small regional libraries and private galleries to... [more]

Website last visited 2003-07-19.

Papers of Sir Joseph Banks
The State Library of New South Wales

Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) was the botanist who sailed with Captain James Cook on his first voyage of exploration into the Pacific region between 1768 and 1771. Banks was one of several scientists on the voyage that began a massive expansion in European knowledge about the Pacific region. In... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-20.

Australian Periodical Publications Project, 1840–1845
Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project

This project provides access to 69 Australian periodicals first published between 1840 and 1845 (and more titles will be added). The site provides a variety of routes of access to its material. The browse function... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-14.

Decisions of the Superior Courts of New South Wales, 1788-1899
Division of Law Macquarie University

This site currently includes more than 1,000 transcriptions of selected cases heard by the superior courts of New South Wales, primarily between 1824 and 1838. These are not law reports in the modern sense. The transcriptions are based on the reports of contemporary newspapers, the best surviving... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-01.

The Endeavour Project: Journals of James Cook's First Pacific Voyage
Australian National University

This project presents the journals from James Cook's first Pacific voyage (1768-71). The British navigator sailed to the Pacific island of Tahiti to observe the transit of the planet Venus across the sun, and continued west to New Zealand and the east coast of Australia. This was the first of... [more]

Website last visited 2003-01-26.

Journeys in Time, 1809 – 1822: The Diaries of Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie
Macquarie University, Sydney, and State Library of New South Wales, Australia

This site provides full transcripts of diaries written over thirteen years by Lachlan Macquarie (1761-1824), governor of colonial New South Wales between 1810 and 1822, and his wife, Elizabeth (1778-1835). Elizabeth Macquarie’s diary (roughly 20,000 words) describes the couple's journey to... [more]

Website last visited 2003-02-01.

Around the World in the 1890s: Photographs from the World's Transportation Commission, 1894-1896
Library of Congress, American Memory

This site features photographs from the World's Transportation Commission (1894-1896). More specifically, the site provides high-quality images of more than 900 photographs taken by the American photographer William Henry Jackson (1843-1942). The title of the site implies that images from all over... [more]

Website last visited 2002-10-28.

Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
American Memory, Library of Congress

This website contains 68 short films produced during the Spanish-American War of 1898-1902. The collection calls attention to the way in which the emergence of the American Empire coincided with--and was in important ways shaped by--the birth of the cinema. Since the films can be downloaded quickly... [more]

Website last visited 2003-02-16.

Documenting a Democracy: Australia's Story
National Archives of Australia and National Council for the Centenary of Federation

This site traces the development of Australian democracy and the emergence of the Australian state through key historical documents from the 18th century to the 20th. More than 100 documents, with transcripts and frequently an image of the original, chart the legal and political foundations of... [more]

Website last visited 2003-02-27.

George Percival Scriven: An American in Bohol, The Philippines, 1899-1901
Digital Scriptorium, Duke University

This site provides a transcription of the diary kept by George Percival Scriven in the Philippines. Scriven was part of the United States occupying force of Bohol Island between 1899 and 1901 in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War.

In addition to the diary, approximately 17,000 words,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-02.

Ned Online
Public Record Office, Victoria, Australia

Ned Online tells the story of Edward "Ned" Kelly (1855-1880) through 80 documents. Ned Kelly was a bushranger (an Australian word for outlaw that has connotations of defiance and freedom rather than crime) and one of the best-known, and most mythologized, figures in Australian history. The... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-02.

National Library of New Zealand

Timeframes currently presents more than 21,000 images from the Alexander Turnball Library. The picture collections specialize in the social and natural history of New Zealand, the Pacific, and Antarctica "from the earliest European contact to the present." Most of the material in Timeframes,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-02.

Matthew Flinders Collection
State Library of New South Wales, Australia

This site celebrates the life and work of Matthew Flinders (1774–1814), an English naval officer who made some of the first charts of the Australian coast and promoted the name Australia for that continent. Between 1801 and 1803, Flinders circumnavigated Australia in HMS Investigator,... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-14.

Burke and Wills – Terra Incognita
State Library of Victoria, Australia

This site presents manuscripts and objects relating to the ill-fated expedition led by Robert O'Hara Burke (1821–61) that attempted to cross the Australian continent from south to north in 1860–61.

The Burke and Wills expedition was lavishly funded but it proved unwieldy and was plagued... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-14.

Map Section Image Database
University of Melbourne Library

These digitized maps are divided into five sections, each of which can be browsed by author, title, date, or area. The headings include "Melbourne Historical," "Other Historical Maps," "The University of Melbourne," and "Walker Collection." The "Walker Collection" can be accessed through both this... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-21.

Australian Studies Resources
University of Sydney, Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service (SETIS)

This site offers digital editions of Australian literary and historical texts and additional Australian Studies resources. The site is easy to navigate and arranged in nine sections. Sections list publications and provide access to the full text in PDF format.

There are four sections... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-21.

Federation Ephemera Archive
State Library of New South Wales

This site provides a populist perspective on Australian Federation, which saw the six self-governing British colonies on the Australian continent unite to form a new nation in 1901. It covers the period from the late 1880s through 1901. The basis of the archive is formed by an unpublished album... [more]

Website last visited 2003-10-21.

Material from the Antarctic Collections
State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

This site contains about 100 photographs, 25 scientific drawings, and 15 documents associated with the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914, led by Douglas Mawson (1882-1958). There is also a link to the database that contains the complete collection of images from the expedition--over... [more]

Website last visited 2003-11-12.

Trust Territory Photo Archives
University of Hawaii

This site contains 6,000 images selected from an archive of 52,000 photographs and slides documenting the American period in Micronesia between 1947 and 1988. It provides details on the Trust Territory Photograph Collection and links to information on the Trust Territories today, mostly in the form... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-02.

Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial, Canberra

This website provides extensive information about the history of Australia at war, through primary and secondary material, as well as information about the memorial itself. Major conflicts covered by this site range from the Anglo-Maori Wars in New Zealand (1860�1866) to the 2003 Iraq War. There... [more]

Website last visited 2003-12-15.

KITLV – Department of Archives and Images
Dr. Jaap Anten, Mariame Fluitsma, Nico van Horn, Gerrit J. Knaap, and T.T. Lam Ngo, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

Since its foundation in 1851, the Royal Netherlands Institute has amassed an impressive archive of primary-source materials pertaining to several regions of the world that were at one time Dutch colonies. This website presents a substantial body of photographs, prints, and drawings in this archive.... [more]

Website last visited 2004-10-19.

SouthEast Asian Images and Texts
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

This website provides excellent primary and secondary resources dealing with two regions of the world that are underrepresented on the Internet: the Philippines and Laos. The primary sources compromise more than 3,600 high-quality photographs separated into six different collections. The... [more]

Website last visited 2006-04-19.

South Seas Voyaging and Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Pacific
The National Library of Australia, and the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the Australian National University, Canberra

This site acts as an online information resource for the history of European voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific between 1760 and 1800. Though still under construction, the initial phase of the site is now operational, and is focused on the first voyage of discovery made by... [more]

Website last visited 2006-08-03.

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