The following resources will help you and your students analyze the specific types of sources in this module. Some resources are located in the “Analyzing Documents” and the “Unpacking Evidence” sections of the World History Sources [WHS] site, an online resource for world history teachers and students. Others are located in the “Making Sense of Evidence” section of the History Matters [HM] site, an online resource for the U.S. History survey course. Though these guides deal with sources drawn from U.S. History, they provide strategies for analyzing online primary materials that will be useful with world history materials.

Analyzing Guides and Examples:
  1. Analyzing Letters (HM), (module source 1)
  2. Unpacking Personal Accounts (WHS), (module source 2)
  3. Unpacking Images (WHS), (module sources 3, 4, 7, 11, and 12)
  4. Unpacking Travel Narratives (WHS), (module sources 5 and 6)

The following worksheets download in PDF format. They include specific questions that will help students more closely examine each source.

  1. Images (paintings, sculpture)
  2. Texts (letter, personal account, nonfiction, poems)