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Train derails in Japan, 50 people dead

Rescuers struggled to free people still trapped in the wreckage more than 11 hours after a packed commuter train jumped the tracks in western Japan on Monday.
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World is taking a harder line on North Korea arms

In an unusual move, South Korea made a direct criticism of North Korea on Monday, warning against conducting a nuclear test.
Sanctuary closed to deserters

U.S. soldiers who have sought political sanctuary in Canada have found themselves in a political limbo.
For lack of armor: Marine unit tells of losses
China seeks to isolate Taiwan's president
Clinton backs Blair candidacy
Palestinian leader selects 3 post-Arafat security chiefs
Putin assails 'terrorizing' business
Google starts to reach for bigger ad market
Oui ou non?
John Vinocur: How can France's elite sell the EU constitution?
Culturally sensitive?
Walt Disney executives in Hong Kong are bowing to feng shui.
Pope Benedict XVI
Slide show: The new pope is formally installed.
Japan may have to bend its knee
Germany has set the gold standard for contrition: Can Japan live up to it?
Meanwhile: The damned diagnosis and its tyranny
Quote of the Day
We have to take off our shoes or belch after a meal."

- Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, commenting on cultural sensitivity.

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Ready, set, buy
For better or worse, Hong Kong’s market is back.

Slide show: Hong Kong Heights

Slide show: Hillside in the Peloponnese

Business & Media
Online gambling
The stakes are high in a new arena for U.S.-EU trade conflicts.

India gives its image problem an airing

On Advertising: WPP tackles headache of a past deal

Slide Show:
An unexpected dessert on a summer fashion menu.

Suzy Menkes: A tutti frutti cocktail

Secure communications
Don't fall victim to mobile phone eavesdroppers.

Google reaches for bigger ad market

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India gives its image problem an airing
Euro zone's pick-up looks like just a blip
Lance Armstrong's final race
A Cardinal's deft steps
Coming out of Schumacher's shadow
Japan apologizes for wartime aggression
Thinking twice about the garbage
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