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Image: Eckley breaker built by Paramount Studios for filming the Molly Maguires

Image: Joe Lawson, last remaining employee, at Locust Summit breaker, 1994

Image: Menzies cone inside St. Nicholas breaker

Image: Chair for slatepicker at top of St. Nicholas breaker

Image: Conveyor belt and machinery at top of St. Nicholas breaker

Image: Washroom, St. Nicholas breaker

Image: Valve and water pipe, St. Nicholas breaker

Image: St. Nicholas breaker, ca. 1992

Image: Menzies cones at St. Nicholas breaker, abandoned in mid-1950s

Image: Joe Lawson at Locust Summit breaker, 1994

Image: Coal pile, Locust Summit breaker

Image: Retaining cone inside breaker, Locust Summit, 1992

Image: Rotary dump, Locust Summit breaker, ca. 1992

Image: Huber breaker and adjacent Dorr thickener

Image: Inside Huber breaker, view of former control panel for operating conveyor belt

Image: View of Huber breaker from top of a culm bank

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Image: Rear view of Huber breaker

Image: Front view of Huber breaker, 1990

Image: Ambulance driving past Lansford breaker

Image: Inclined planes taking coal up to top of breaker and bringing empty coal cars back down, No.6 breaker