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Image: Lange's well-known 1936 photograph, "Migrant Mother," captured 32-year-old Florence Thompson sitting under the shelter of a makeshift tent in a migrant labor camp in California. She has a baby in her lap and two older children leaning on her…

Image: Amish women and children

Image: Filming the "Molly Maguires" II


Image: Then don't refuse the miner lad, The crust of bread -- his prayer! Beneath that blackest face of his, He hides a heart as fair! The toil of his bare brawny arms, All, all our hearts and houses warm!

Image: I work in the mines where the sun never shines, Nor daylight does ever appear;

Image: Little I thought when I grew old and mining could do no more, I'd go back to the breaker where I spent my days before. This world is full of trouble, hardship, care and strife, It's twice a boy and once a man, is a poor miner's life.

Image: When daylight comes I go to work, When dark I go to bed, The money that my labor earns, Keeps us in meat and bread. Poor father he was killed one day, Yet mother for him pines, And that is why you see me here.

Image: Ah! here I am a miner's son from the coal fields of P.A. Ah! here I am a miner's son from the coal fields far away.


Image: Boys watching the auction from a loft