Parallel Curriculum Model


Parallel Curriculum Model


Laurel Grove School: Using Local History to Make History Come Alive


This includes the unit overview and lesson sequence and teacher notes. The Parallel Curriculum Model allows teachers to see the lesson sequence and along side it -- in parallel format -- the reasoning behind the steps. Click on "overview_lessons_LGS_PCM.doc" to view.

All attachments, including primary source documents and teacher materials, can be found on the Omeka site as well. They are located under their own item, entitled "Lesson Attachments."

Additionally, the appendices referenced inthe PCM -- the historical background -- can be accessed on the Omeka site under their own item. Click on "Historical Background" to view these.


Elizabeth Schy


Eleanor Greene
Linda Sargent Wood
Phyllis Walker Ford


Elizabeth Schy, "Parallel Curriculum Model," in Teaching with Laurel Grove School, Item #10, (accessed February 1, 2022).