Middle School Questions

Summer Institute, Reflections Due

  1. June 24: What’s wrong with kings?
  2. June 28: Where did American national identity come from?
  3. July 22: Why was it so difficult to abolish slavery before the Civil War?
  4. July 26: What did the Civil War accomplish?

Book Reflections

  1. What are the goals or themes of this book?
  2. Describe the sources that the historian used to write this book. Whose voice(s) are being heard through these sources? Why do you think the historian chose to present these voices/tell this story this way? What implications do these choices have?
  3. How is the story similar to or different from what is presented in the history textbook your students use? Does it change your understanding of this historical period or of historical events?

Content Workshop

  1. To be determined.

History and Technology Workshop

  1. To be determined.