V. Demographic Questions
Variation for Minority Samples: When the three minority samples were done, we asked the demographic questions at the beginning of survey. That way we could screen out respondents who did not belong in that sample before doing a full interview. The interviews began with the following statement: "I am going to ask you some questions about the past but first I'd like to ask you a few questions about yourself so we can get a better idea about the types of people we speak with. "If the person did not fit within the profile for the minority samples, the interview was ended after a few questions about the past.
Now I have a few questions so that we can classify your responses. At no time will they be used to identify anyone.
Are you:
<1> married
<2> living with a partner
<3> widowed
<4> separated
<5> divorced, or
<6> never married?
Is your race or ethnic background:
<1> American Indian
<2> Asian or Pacific Islander
<3> black or African-American
<4> white (Caucasian), or
<5> Latino or Hispanic?
Currently, are you working for pay, temporarily unemployed, retired, keeping house, a student or doing something else?
<1> working for pay/employed
<2> temporarily unemployed
<3> retired
<4> keeping house
<5> student
<6> other (specify) [specify]
What is your occupation?
In what year were you born?
Were you born in the United States?
In what country were you born?
In what year did you move to the United States?
Was your mother born in the United States?
(If necessary: ) In what country was your mother born?
Was your father born in the United States?
(If necessary: ) In what country was your father born?
What is the highest grade of school or level of education you have completed?
<0> no school or kindergarten
<1-11> grades 1 to 11
<12> high school
<13-15> some college
<16> college degree
<17> some post-graduate school
<18> master's degree
<19> any doctorate or medical or law degree
<20> vocational or technical school beyond high school
Considering all sources of income and all salaries, was your household's total annual income in1993, before taxes and other deductions:
<1>Was it less than $25,000, or was it $25,000 or more?
<> less than $25,000
<> $25,000 or more

<2>Was it less than $15,000?
<> yes ($14,999 or less)
<> no ($15,000 - $24,999)

<3>Was it more than $35,000?
<> yes ($35,000 or more)
<> no ($25,000 - $34,999)

<4>Was it more than $50,000?
<> yes (more than $50,000)
<> no ($35,000 to 49,999)

<5>Was it more than $75,000?
<> yes (more than $75,000)
<> no ($50,000 to 74,999)

Record respondent's gender (If needed: I am required to ask, are you:)
<1> male, or
<5> female
When we were talking about activities related to the past, you mentioned that you have been {fill in activity}.The researchers at Indiana University who are conducting this study are particularly interested in speaking with people who are doing this. Would it be all right if someone called you back to talk more with you?
Professor David Thelen of Indiana University is the Project Director for this study. Would you like contact information for Dr. Thelen in case you have any questions about this project?

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