Introduction to Survey Questions


Confirming Phone Number and Establishing Household Status

Hello, my name is [fill Name] and I'm calling from the Institute of Social Research in Bloomington, Indiana. We're conducting a nationwide study funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to find out how people understand and use the past in their everyday lives.

(The information we gather may help restructure the way history is presented in schools, museum exhibits, and historical society presentations.)

Establishing Eligible Adults in Household

Indiana University policy requires that I speak with an adult. Are you at least 18 years old?

Introduction of Study to Adult Informant

Your household has been randomly selected to help professional historians learn what is important to people when they talk about the past. In this study, we'll be asking about a wide range topics; from conversations you might have with relatives about the past to what you consider to be the most important aspect of your own past.

Introduction/Explanation to Selected Respondent

Before we proceed, I need to make sure I've dialed correctly, is this your phone number [ ]? (This number was created randomly by a computer. We do not know your name or address. )

In keeping with the standards of professional research, I need to randomly select an adult in your household to speak with. In order to do this, could you please tell me how many people, age 18 or older, currently live in your household?

According to the computer, I need to speak to the [fill rank] person over 18 in your household. May I speak to this person (the [fill rank] person 18 years old or older), please?

Before we begin, I'll let you know that this study is sponsored by the Indiana University Center on History Making, and I'm calling from the IU Center for Survey Research. The results will be used to help understand how the past affects people in their everyday life.

All your answers will be kept completely anonymous and confidential. The questions take about 30 minutes. Your participation is voluntary, and if there are any questions you feel you can't answer, please let me know. Now, if I have your permission, I'll begin.


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