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Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service
Gandhi Serve Foundation (Germany)
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Reviewed by:
Robert DeCaroli
George Mason University
August 2003

This site was created to promote the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and offers an impressive collection of materials associated directly with the life and teachings of Mohandas K. Gandhi. A store sells Gandhi-related materials, but most of the primary sources are provided at no charge.

The site is not well organized, so it takes a little time and effort to explore its riches. These include 15,000 photographs, 6 hours of documentary clips on Gandhi’s life, 35,000 letters written to and by Gandhi, and links to 140 hours of audio clips (including more than 10 hours of Gandhi’s voice in English). There is also an extensive bibliography and filmography with references to more than 8,800 books and films dealing with Gandhi’s life and teachings. Although these references are of significant value, most visitors to the site will find the video, audio, and images of greatest interest and utility.

The website organizes the collection by media and offers an overview of Gandhi’s life and philosophy. “Who’s Gandhi?“ is an ideal place for students to begin when seeking to learn about his life. The biographical details will help users understand the materials available. The six-hour documentary on the life of Gandhi provides an ideal way to supplement the information found in the biography.

Of particular interest are the 15 audio clips of Gandhi’s own voice in English (there are many more in Hindi). In addition, 10 audio files offer words by famous individuals about Gandhi. The recorded individuals range from Lord Mountbatten to Martin Luther King, Jr. The site also contains an extensive list of quotes and passages taken from the writings of Gandhi and arranged by topic, as well as a genealogy of the Gandhi family and information on stamps and coins that portray the Mahatma.

However, the biggest strength of this site rests in the “Online Image Archive.” This archive includes 513 images of publications (mostly newspaper headlines), 1,563 photographs, 407 documents, 2947 personal correspondences, 248 works of art (ranging from designs to paintings), and 31 political cartoons. Although some of this material makes very specific references to events in Gandhi’s personal and political life, the vast majority can be readily appreciated by those with a general understanding of Gandhi’s biography. These impressive images are an ideal way for researchers and students to become more familiar with the history of India, colonialism, and the life of this great man.

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