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Image: Harvan photographed Ferrence, then retired, with one foot raised on the caterpillar tread of the diesel shovel he had collected on his farm; he didn't carry the weight of his earlier years, but he still had the same slight smile and confident gaze.…

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Image: Gabe Ferrence in 1978 in front of a dragline shovel at the Springdale strippings, one of several eighty-year-old veterans of the region's mines and garment factories, many of whom Harvan had known for forty or fifty years.

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Image: Portraits of Jimmy Gross and Johnny Swann by Bill Bamberger

Image: Earl Dotter's portrait of a bituminous miner from Logan, West Virginia

Image: Miner's house, Eckley Village

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Image: Outhouse in Eckley Miners Village

Image: Back of miner's house, Eckley

Image: Interior, miner's home in mine patch of Eckley, Pennsylvania, 1996

Image: In the chutes I graduated instead of going to school--Remember, friends, my parents they were poor; When a boy left the cradle it was always made the rule; To try to keep starvation from the door. At eight years of age to the breaker first I went, To…

Image: There came to this country a short time ago, A poor Irish widow from the County Mayo. She had but one son, his age it was eight, And the boss gave him work picking slate. The first day at the breaker the boys all did stare, For poor little Mike was…

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Image: Mike "Tarzan" Lukas

Image: John "Cooney" Lazar

Image: Mike "Crow" Sabron

Image: John "Long John" Matyka

Image: Ed "popeye" Zuzu

Image: Miner leveling coal off in mine car, No.8 colliery

Image: No.6 colliery-miner waiting for cage to take him down