The American Women’s Dime Novel Project, and its author, Felicia L. Carr, are indebted to the following supporters and contributors and wishes to convey thanks to all the people who have helped bring this project to fruition.

The Center for History and New Media at George Mason University for hosting the site and providing technical assistance.

Professors Katrina Irving, Barbara Melosh and Lawrence Levine for scholarly support and advice on the subject of American popular culture and women’s popular fiction.

The staff of the Library of Congress for providing research support and office space for research into the subject of the women’s dime novels, including rare book librarian Clark Evans for his enthusiastic support and reference librarian Thomas Mann who lends his considerable research experience to unearthing the tradition of American women’s dime novel fiction.

Emory University’s Women Writers Resource Project, in particular Charles Spornick and Scott Ellis for their ongoing assistance in digitizing women’s dime novels for the web.

The American Popular Culture Association for the Marshal Fishwick Travel Grant which helped support research into dime novel collections.

The Huntington Library in California for a C. Allan and Marjorie Braun research fellowship of the Huntington Library which provided access to their dime novel collection.

Northern Illinois University for the Horatio Alger Fellowship for the Study of Popular Culture which provided access to the Albert Johannsen Dime Novel Collection and to Mark Williams for his assistance with the collection.

Members of the Graduate Women’s Writing Group at George Mason University, including Ann Bazzarone, Hazel Brandenburg, Sora Friedman, Jennifer Gauthier, Karen Hofer Luecke, Elena Razlogova, and Laura Schiavo who have read and commented on every aspect of this project and who provided scholarly assistance, writing advice, and moral support.

Finally, I want to thank Stacie at 48th Avenue Productions, who helped me make the move to WordPress. She did a great job and introduced me to the marvelous world of Word Press plugins that are critical for the special features we can now offer.