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Image: Coal dealers from Canada at entrance to the No.8 mine

Image: Contract miners at work, sixth level, Coaldale No.8

Image: Two contract miners working at the face

Image: LC&N miners coming up in cage after sitdown strike

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Image: Miner's clothing hanging in wash shanty, No.8 colliery

Image: Ambulance driving past Lansford breaker

Image: Mike Steber, lost his arm at elbow in a mine accident

Image: Inclined planes taking coal up to top of breaker and bringing empty coal cars back down, No.6 breaker

Image: Three mineworkers who repaired cage and secured loose timbers

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Image: Miners eating lunch, sixth level, No.8 colliery

Image: Motorman, No.6 colliery-John "Snuffy" Maruschak

Image: Miner leveling coal off in mine car, No.8 colliery

Image: Loading coal, No.6 colliery

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Image: Two miners long-hole drilling in No.6 mine

Image: No.6 colliery-miner waiting for cage to take him down

Image: Fireboss, John Haughton, checking for gas at face of coal, 6th level, No.8 colliery

Image: Two miners in No.8, Mammoth Vein

Image: Two miners drilling into the face of Mammoth Vein

Image: Mantrip, No.6 colliery

Image: Miners coming to surface following a shift at No.6 mine

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